Welcome to Dan-Devan Group of Companies

The Dan-Devan Group of Companies are a group of six fast-growing, dynamic companies whose purpose is to better serve our communities with a range of products and services that benefit our customers throughout their lives.



Our Core Values

To offer outstanding service to each and every client on each and every occasion.
To act with integrity in all our dealings with clients, suppliers, staff and other stakeholders.
To recruit, engage, train and retain the most talented staff in the industry.
​To contribute positively to the world around us.




Chairman's Message

At Dan-deVan, we promote efficiency in our services in the areas of SHIPPING (Customs Clearing And Forwarding), CONSTRUCTION and INTERNATIONAL TRADE ACROSS THE GLOBE We ensure that high standards of professionalism and excellent product services are available to our client in Ghana and beyond. At Dan-deVan we provide a one stop shop in logistics, trade and construction.